Director Vighnesh Sivan has identified 5 mistakes of the historical epic fiction Bahubali 2.The magnum opus by S S Rajamouli is running housefull in all the its theatres and has broken all box office records till date.
The 5 mistakes Vighnesh points out are as follows.
1.The movie is a marvellous experience which is not limited to just Rs 120 of the ticket fare.The producers account number or address must be provided to pay the extra amount.Because the movie deserves it.

2.The movie was completed in 3 hours which nobody wished to.Every single audience sitting in the theater wanted to experience more of Bahubali.
3.Extreme detailing and perfection had broken into pieces the confidence and concepts of other film makers.
4.The movie must not have been the conclusion.Audience are ready to wait for even a 10 parts of Bahubali.
5.A benchmark is set.Vighnesh wonders how many years must Indian cinema go through in order to break the records of Bahubali.
By pointing out the 5 mistakes of Bahuballi he has very well complimented and praised the movie till the



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